Including last week’s pass through, today was my fourth visit to Death Valley.  My first using a south to north route.

Temperatures measured in Fahrenheit stuttered between 59 and 85.  Typically in the middle of the range.  Certainly the coldest I’ve known the place.

The stark scenery was as expected but the roadrunner bird seen quickly crossing the interstate was a treat.  As was the coyote moment.  Four of them getting attention from motorists.  Double the number I’d seen nearby a couple of years earlier.

Maybe those two bred and today’s group of four a result of that.  Regardless, well nourished friendly coyotes wandering around motorists seeking food (never feed them, they’ll lose their ability to hunt) was a joy.

Further on a ghost town.  Rhyolite.  Abandoned and now ruined.  I mistook the station building for a saloon bar!  A place where the mine ran dry and the people just left.  Leaving the town desserted.

Progress back to Vegas and a couple of days rest was interspersed by a roadside brothel.  “Bar open” and “guided tours” said the sign.  We settled for petrol.

The driving is over now.  Pampering begins at the start of a much needed rest in Vegas.  Assuming we can withstand the temptations of the city,

It just seems fitting that seeing more of the marvellous Death Valley brought the touring to a halt.  It’s an extraordinary place.

The Hot Tub Butterfly Killer