It’s unlikely that I’m the only person to have a “lie in” after a night of drugs in Las Vegas.

Much as the wild part of me would enjoy such a headline, the reality is that sensible Dave nearly always prevails.  The weird and wonderful and spaced out effects of prescription amytriptoline the cause of my late morning slumber rather than anything dubious or illegal.

Despite dropping back to one pill last night, to deal with a reduced beating of sciatic discomfort in knee and ankle,

A 10.30am wake up call was a shock.  I’m usually awake some time between six and seven despite my lack of employment.  Rachel was explaining about my Luke warm cup of tea that she’d made.  I checked my fingers to ensure I’d not done anything bonkers at the drive thru chapel.

Gradually I came round to a sunny Vegas day and pondered if pain was better than this grogginess in my system.  I quickly decided I don’t like pain, so needs must.  Before embarking on a lazy day of hot tubs and food.

Deciding What to do in Vegas