The day started with a series of aches and pains, breakfast and petrol.  We then headed towards Yosemiite.

For the second time in my life I’ve allocated far too little time to Yosemite.  It’s a magnificent wilderness of valleys, waterfalls and steep rock faces which leave visitors in complete awe.

But, much as last time, albeit on a different route, we hurtled through in a few short hours.  Switching driver as my pelvic difficulty became less bearable.  Fortunately things eased in the afternoon as we pulled into our Bass Lake accommodation.

If ever a location had been chosen for filming Dirty Dancing this should have been it.  But for this stay a short pool visit, hot tub time and an earlyish night following a meal overlooking the lake worked for me.

Our lodge includes a living room, kitchen and balcony.  And despite pleasant views my focus is currently on pain relief.  An hour ago I was struggling.  Now most of my pain is absent.  But on the previous two nights within an hour of dropping off I’ve been in severe pain.  Earlier on today I’ve been in severe pain.  Do I take preemptive doses of my various medications or wait until pain hits?  Tramadol made me tired today.  I’d love it to make me sleep tonight, but my available does us limited.

The telly’s on,  I’m drifting into and out of sleep as I ponder medication and write my blog.  I’m favouring throwing the pills down my throat.  Better do it soon or I’ll nod off and reawaken in extreme pain!

Living it up in Independence California