Independence CA isn’t a big place. There are three hotels, a courthouse, two petrol stations and an interesting looking French Bistro.

Saturday night in downtown Independence isn’t quite as lively as Leeds city centre.

I managed the short walk to the Froggie place to discover it closed for the next four days. Not good. A quick turn round and a car passed us on the four lane carriageway. We spotted a lit up Deli opposite and, before another car came into sight, crossed over. To discover the Deli was shut. Something passing itself off as a mini market next door. An exotic meal of topping up this morning’s granola remains with milk. The only milk left is nesquick double choc. $1.99. My tea might not be quite as nutritional as planned.

Rachel resorts to the Pringles we’d picked up on the cheap in Walmart a few days earlier. Again, a huge drop from the unavailable bistro menu!

I’m beginning to think two extra hours on the road to avoid this place might have been a good idea!

It Gets Me At Night