It comes out to play early evening. Yes, it’s been around all day, but in a constrained way.

An occasional pins and needles attack. A dead leg with a sciatic twitch in knee and ankle. Rarely anything more.

But at night it hurts. It bites hard into my buttock. Squeezing the nerve. Hurting. Spreading quickly through the leg.

This is probably the tumour that caused me major pain last year. The tumour that I felt go away when the Afatinib medicine started. It’s given occasional minor grief since but had pretty much gone away.

Now it sits there night after night. Squeezing more. Genuine sharp pain. Naproxen. Paracetamol. Tramadol. I’ll usually hang fire on the amytriptoline. For now. Presumably it’s still growing.

Hopefully the blood tests for whatever the next genetic mutation is were positive. If not, I get back to Blighty to face a bone biopsy. If that doesn’t show the mutation then chemotherapy comes next.

I preferred it when the afatinib worked.

Mixing Up the Accommodation