If you’re ever in this corner of Utah, I strongly recommend Canyonlands.  There are no bouncy castles, ice cream vans or man made attractions.  Just ancient natural beauty that has left a magnificent scarred landscape at the confluence of the Green River and the Colorado.

It has probably been the template for alien planets in many a Star Trek movie.  It looks like nothing on earth and then genuinely rocks my world.

Then you research off reading and discover a landmark.  Not named by the Navajo tribes.  Nor the early settlers heading west.  But a spot taking its name from where Thelma and Louise drove, presumably, to their end.

Our Chevy isn’t upto the 4×4 trail that took people to the spot.  Maybe we saw it, maybe we didn’t.

Regardless, my second visit to Canyonlands has added to the love.  It’s superb.


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