The drive down through Monument Valley reveals some iconic natural beauty. Album covers, movies and more have shared it. And while this is somewhere I’ve seen before I’m chuffed to have shared it with somebody new.

Returning to this part of the world is something I wanted to do more than anything new. It’s inspired me in the past. Been a key part of progressing from sun bed to adventure. And ultimately it gives me joy to be here. There’s no better reason.

Last time I was here it was close to sunset. This time it was lunch. If anything the light in the middle of the day enhances the location.

Granted, it’s not really a valley. It doesn’t really justify long periods of time. But as drive pasts go it’s right up there with the best.

The last couple of days I’ve had slightly improved movement. Not enough to take on the big walks I’d envisaged when I booked the flights a month back. But I’ve also found it harder to sit down or lie down.

Whether it’s all in the mind or not I don’t know. My right buttock has struggled for over a year now, but knowing there’s a growing tumour there doesn’t help me rest my butt cheek with confidence. It niggles. It’s uncomfortable. And every now and again I let out an involuntary squeal as a sharp pain hits.

I also have perennial pins and needles in my right ankle and foot. The hamstring is tight. I can stand up more easily than I’ve been able to over my months of travel but my word that leg is wobbly.

Interestingly I’ve suffered the pins and needles in the past. Two or three times in the last five years my leg has gone to sleep when I’ve been sat on the loo, in a similar way to how it now behaves daily.

I’ve no way of knowing if that was a sign of my cancer. I suspect not. It would still be stage four anyway. Nothing would have changed.

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