The Utah National Parks are impressive.  The last two days have seen me revisit Bryce Canyon and see Capitol Reef for the first time.

Bryce impressed me more this time.  I think I “got” how the rocks look like people more than on my first visit.  I felt the spirit of the place better.  And also took in an amazing view that outdoes the sight of Birkenhead from a hill to the north of Oldham.

Capitol Reef is so named because of the claim that the white rocks of Capitol Dome (pictured) look like the Capitol Building in Washington DC.  My own view is that it looks more like a walnut whip in white.  But I don’t think that holds with the locals.

Capitol Reef is a cheap National Park.  A third the price of many others and one I chose to ignore on a visit to the area two years ago.  Big mistake.  It’s a cracker.  With a great scenic drives which finishes with a couple of miles along the canyon floor at the end, surrounded by huge multi coloured cliffs on all sides.

A short walk at the end as the road ended and the trail began.  With my limitations we didn’t go far, but what is clear is that I can have good days and bad days.  Mobility is clearly better than it was three days ago.  But I don’t think it will be good enough to do a three mile walk to one of the iconic Arches locations today.  I booked the whole trip around doing that walk, but I think I know my limitations today.

Evening food has been fun for the last two nights.  We’ve managed to find extraordinary locations to sit, talk and eat for a couple of hours.  Last night we drove 14 miles up a road to discover a steak restaurant with its own wine and views to kill for over the Colorado River.  Red rock cliffs overlooking us as the sunset changed the patterns in the stones.

The night before saw us eat in a restaurant located at the bottom of a mini version of the Grand Canyon.  Ok, not quite the same thing, but the sun, the rocks, cliffs and shadows all played a part in a fun evening.

Today we’re going for the double.  Canyonlands and Arches.  Probably a little more to the former which was where Thelma and Louise ended their journey heading over the cliff edge.

It’s a fabulous place.  Pool and hot tub were welcome last night.

The Blue Utah Skies