Back to Oncobabe where weight and blood pressure were stable. Good start.

Then the appointment began late. And the devastating sight of the MacMillan nurse told me this wasn’t going to be fun. And I was right.

The results of the scan were shared. Top half positive – no change. Right hip seeing tumour growth. Explaining my pain. And confirming a change in direction for my cancer. Afatinib survival rates average 32 months. I’m nine months in and the drug is now virtually useless.

I was immediately taken for a blood test. There’s a 20% chance that will reveal another gene mutation that will open the door to another drug. Osiminertinib. 2% of patients receiving this showed no signs of cancer after a year. That said, average survival rate on the drug was just short of a year.

If the blood test shows nothing (80% chance) I’ll be welcomed back from the USA with a bone biopsy. That may reveal the gene mutation too. 60% chance.

Miss out on that and we’re talking find a trial or chemotherapy. The latter doesn’t appeal.

Our flights to the USA have started in a sombre way. Hopefully my enthusiasm will improve overnight in Dublin. This needs to be a special three weeks. I’m going to do my best to make it that.

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