I’ve not quite got myself back to happy yet.  A difficult night didn’t help.  But I think I’m going to be fine, most of the time, for this trip.

Good company helps.  Yesterday was the first time I’ve feared death since all this began.  Today that’s progressed to a sadness for those I’m leaving behind.  Tomorrow I’ll be in “there might be a cure” mode again.  But the chances and timescales are definitely working against me.

What has revealed itself is a desire to spend faster. Although there’s no availability I awoke willing to upgrade to first class between Heathrow and Vegas.  And I’d have paid £hundreds for it.  I’m keen to set the kids up if they lose me early, but equally I now feel even more free to treat myself and others.

Australia is a concern.  Solo travel pain, will I be well enough?  I am totally committed to that journey, but may limit travel before then and the hot tub at my sister’s Anglesey home is looking more fun the Copenhagen or Berlin.

Meanwhile, Viva Las Vegas!

Tumour Returns – Well That Explains My Discomfort