Today we fly.  Albeit stage one Manchester to Dublin isn’t exactly the centrepiece of the experience, it is the cog that ensures business class travel for several thousand pounds less than flying directly to the USA from Blighty.  A £70 hotel room tonight doesn’t dent the value of that saving.

A third go at this for me, but the first time that I’ve not been able to utilise American Customs in Dublin.  Tomorrow morning’s flight is straight back to the UK and Heathrow, before a lunch time flight to Las Vegas.

Despite being a regular traveller these days, day of travel stuff is more complicated.  Making sure phone and iPad are charged up, the charger is packed and the overseas adaptor travels used to be my priority.

Today I start off with my eye medication.  Drops and lubricant, small scissors and tape to cover the eye at night.  The lubricant tube is amusing at altitude, the standard blob I squeeze out normally becomes a snake of much bigger proportions.  Welcomed by my eye, but leaving me with a shiny right cheek!

My ongoing pain in the butt means a decent supply of my four different painkillers is needed.  They’re in the bag but I’ll check them again.  I’ll also stock up on Naproxen and paracetamol in Walmart as although I can get free prescriptions in the UK the twelve day supplies of drugs from my GP create an almost ongoing routine of phone call, collect prescription, head to pharmacy.

Next up, tissues.  My nose is prone to bleeding.  While business class travel tends to ensure a drink and tissued mat is nearby my own supply of blood blockers is in order.  Hopefully the BA vanity bag will also assist.

This morning’s big trip is back to Huddersfield to see Oncobabe.  Fortunately the pharmacy at the hospital have confirmed they have my afatinib.  Which is good, because I didn’t want to have to get into a discussion about FedEx and my route around the desert as a delivery option!  I run out in ten days!

More important is my scan result which I get at 10.30am.  My leg is still feeble.  It might be the cancer returning.  It might be damage I’ve done walking in Chile.  It might be damage done by the cancer last year.  If the nasty bugger is back I’ll need a biopsy.  That can wait until I get back from USA.  Even if Oncobabe disagrees.

The biopsy result, if I need one, has a 40% chance of telling me it’s the end of the road.  Find a medical trial or I won’t last long.  Chemo might be an option but not a very efficient one.  Wipe me out for a few days to extend my life for a few days.  If it’s near April 2019 I’ll take it.  There’s a key inheritance tax deadline to get past to benefit the kids.  But if I fall short this early, and can’t get on a medical trial, I think I’ll take the most appropriate pain relief and fade away earlier than I’d like.

When I leave the hospital later I’m hoping none of that will be on my mind.  An all clear from the scan and a drive to collect Rachel before doubling back to Manchester Airport to begin three weeks of great fun and magnificent scenery!  I love South West USA.

British Airways Fail