Having achieved BA Silver Status inadvertently while travelling to and from Chile last month I’ve been sat eagerly awaiting my special pack.

The status card.  Luggage tags that allegedly act as a priority mark (or a sign to baggage handlers that this case belongs to somebody with airline status so let’s rob it).  As yet, no sign.  Which is a shame, as my next flight is tomorrow.

The good news is that it doesn’t really matter.  The app and web site log in confirm I’ve got the status.  There’s the option to create my own paper membership card if needed.  And the flights are business class anyway, so access to the lounge is based on ticket, not airline status.

The odd thing is that Chris has already received his card and tags a week or so ago.  I paid his bloody fare and I have nothing!  And I’m the one that does all the flying!

Not to worry.  It’s just a bit frustrating that the simple concept of posting out some plastic seems beyond them.  And it’s not as if I’ll be taking advantage of the extra suitcase perk!

CT Scan? What CT Scan?