I love my Saturdays.  I’m lucky because Chris, who’s knocking on twenty, seems happy to merge match day with Dad day still.  And there is something of a routine involved.

Collection.  Wetherspoons breakfast.  Fill up with petrol at Tesco, utilising my 4% discount card, head to the portacabin on stilts that doubles up as the Oldham Athletic pre match bar, endure the usual insipid defeat and then take on the excitement of the Toby Carvery Experience.

Last week we mixed it up and had a Toby Breakfast and Wetherspoons tea.  But that costs a fiver or so more.  Pricey, but there is an increased volume of bacon scenario that means breakfast has an advantage.

This week Toby loses out all together.  My step-daughter Louise and her wife Emma moved home recently and have invited the pair of us over post match to see their new home and enjoy a barbecue.  It’s also a chance to hand over the multitude of fridge magnets I’ve gathered for her over the past few weeks – one from every significant location I’ve visited.  Perhaps something to help her remember me by when I’m gone.  And a “make the best of what you’ve got” message to live life by.

The other big change to routine is sneaking in an Argos visit to buy a foot spa.  It impedes on drinking time pre-match, but as I only tend to slowly down a solitary cider I don’t think it’s a major issue.  Must buy some salt too!

A Day of Rest