Well, where in October?  Next is the USA South West.  November/December is Australia and The Ashes.

Which leaves October full of potential to travel.  Perhaps twice.

My European trips have tended to be three or four nights.  Recovery time “the week after next” so there is the possibility of two trips.  Getting back from the States at the end of September might limit this though.  New England and Chile efforts have taken it out of me a bit, so Vegas to London to Dublin to Manchester might hit hard.

I have a few places in mind.  Denmark.  Berlin.  Bay of Naples and Vesuvius.  The Scotland 500.  South West Wales.  I usually travel Sunday to Wednesday, but a free weekend car hire voucher may change this for one trip.

In the end, I’ll go on Skyscanner, price up northern England to Everywhere, and see what’s cheap at short notice.  If nothing, the Celtic extremes of the U.K. might be winners.  Especially if B&B accommodation is cheap.

All assuming last week’s scan is clear.

My Final Sick Note