Over thirty years working for the same company and I didn’t come up with many sick notes.  Appendicitis.  Tonsillectomy.  Anxiety.  That’s about it.

Oh, and lung cancer with metastasis.  Let’s not forget that.  Indeed, the lung cancer sick notes have produced quite a good financial return.  And even though I’m no longer employed I picked up my final ever sick note today.  It will hopefully trigger an insurance payout of around £600.  But then that policy will be useless to me because its year in payment will have drawn to a close.  So the £9.95 a month direct debit will be cancelled.

It seems strange getting a sick note with no employer.  It also marks then end of a nice little earner and sees my unemployed and not seeking work income reduce quite significantly.

If there’s a cure, I suppose there’s a chance I’ll work again.  Although my financial plan in the case of long term survival is sound, I won’t be anywhere as near as secure as good health would have had me.  Not least because I’m currently busy throwing tens of thousands of pounds at travel.

But a cure, or long term ill health survival seems unlikely.  But not impossible.  So for now I’ll carry on earning very little and spending quite a lot.

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