Last week’s scan gets reported to me in twelve days.

It will hopefully explain why I’m in pain.  It will hopefully confirm that it isn’t a result of the cancer returning.  There might be a Revels conversation to have!

But, inevitably, and despite my general calmness, I’m beginning to worry.  The pain remains.  It has improved but I’m still knocking back painkillers to control things.

I appear to have a slight chesty cough.  That could mean I have a chesty cough or it could mean something unpleasant has regrown in my lungs.

The oncologist appointment already provides a timeline challenge.  The prescription will be issued on a Monday afternoon and the drug needs to be dispensed by Wednesday morning.  This is a challenge for the hospital pharmacy.  The flight is Wednesday afternoon!

If I’m told the nature of my cancer has changed I’ll then have another decision to make.  Do I go through with my travel plans or submit to the likely medical advice to have a biopsy?  Most likely I’ll travel.  But that could mean three weeks of opportunity for the cancer to return and do it’s worse.

Of course, it might just confirm an all clear for now message.  And explain the historic damage that’s triggering pain now.

Where Next?