April doesn’t feel too long ago.  The last time I saw a football match.  But from that footballing perspective summer has been and gone and the new season is here.

Today is my first game.  The boys in blue started two weeks back.  Chris clinging onto a Twitter feed to keep in touch.  Then a midweek game in the League Cup, catching up with scores from 39,000 feet now that wifi in the air is a thing.  And the first away game last week.  The excitement of a first half lead being reported.

I’m excited.  Not because I’ve got a 19 day south west USA trip to plan a route for.  But because Oldham Athletic take on Wigan today.

Quite why the excitement levels are so high I don’t know.  Played 3 Lost 3 is the current form guide.  At least they’ve scored goals this season, I suppose that’s promising.

Maybe I’m just happy to get back in the old Saturday routine.  Collect Chris.  Wetherspoons breakfast.  Matchday.  Toby Carvery tea.

It’s a brief return to normality.  Sometimes that can be as much fun as the exotic travel.  Even if defeat is the usual outcome.

Hotel Price Shocker!