Ryanair kept up their part of the bargain.  £35 each to get across the Irish Sea with a hefty bag.  Indeed, this was a few quid cheaper than they quoted me yesterday, so a minor win.  Seats together too.  None of their silly games.

Hotel then.  I wandered over to my old friends hotels.com who threw out a series of bizarre quotes.  A couple of years back the airport Hilton put three of us up for £69.  Last year I redeemed Avios to the value of £80 to stay within walking distance of the terminal.  This time the cash prices were £229 and £179 respectively.  Other options were similarly overpriced.  Hilton wanted a ridiculous 109,000 points instead of cash.  I was hoping to get two nights somewhere with 30,000!

I played the Trivago card.  This comparison site usually tells me how to save £2 if I give up £15 in Hotels.com perks.  So I usually ignore them.  This time they threw out The Clayton.  Free shuttle bus every twenty minutes to/from the airport.  £146 on Hotels.com and just about everywhere else.  But Holiday Extras at £74.  I’ve only ever used them for car parking, but suddenly they’re my favourite hotel booking firm!

I’ve actually unearthed a worthwhile saving.  Quick route change.  Topcashback.  10% cashback for booking direct with Holiday Extras.  Job done.  No breakfast but we’ll get fed on the plane and in the lounge beforehand.

Well played Trivago.  Thank you Holiday Extras.  Up yours every other location within sensible range of Dublin Airport!

Vegas Baby!