It was a bit of a battle.  I think the highest fare I was quoted was £13,000 for two tickets.  Despite my spendthrift lifestyle these days I can’t justify that.  Then it happened.  €3,600 for two Dublin to Vegas fares including three weeks decent sized car hire.

A little bit of fiddling with the routing was needed as the supposed business class fare included economy tickets from Philadelphia to Vegas.  Dublin to Heathrow to Vegas cost an extra €21.  Booked.  Switching the return route via Chicago back to Dublin ensured a more timely landing in Dublin.  Clicked it.  Booked it.

It’s the one part of the world I wanted to return to.  Different hotels.  Perhaps different parts of the same national parks.  And the exceptional – Grand Canyon.  I’ve just got to see it again.  Hopefully both north and south sides.

Vegas doesn’t really do it for me.  Perhaps I’ll slam £250 on number 36 and see what happens.  I’d have loved to say a grand, but I’m not wild enough.  But for me it’s Death Valley, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Zion and more.  The most exceptional scenery I’ve ever encountered.

Yes, I’ve still got to book flights to and from Dublin from the English north.  The route needs putting in place – hotel costs seem to be a third higher than they were three years ago.  Thanks Sterling.  But hopefully a more relaxed approach to the schedule, a mini-break at the end, and new visions of the same magnificence that I’ve done before.

Relaxation between now and then might be important!

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