Thirteen hours is a long time on a plane, especially when your body thinks it should be awake.

Santiago time we left just after 11am. Landing due at 6am Madrid time. Midnight for our brains.

On the outbound trip the evening flight time allowed movie, food and sleep to work well. Inbound it was movie, food, lights dimmed for sleep but it’s only 3pm. We tried. We had modest success. But neither of us got much more than two hours.

Then came breakfast. No chance of the body working properly for a few days despite the comfort of Iberia business class.

We killed six hours in the lounge in Madrid with an awful wifi connection. Then nearly missed the “final” flight back to Milan. Mango wrapped in chicken made for an interesting meal. I extracted the fruit and enjoyed the meat. A cup of tea, served with creamer. They don’t get it!

Then off to the Crowne Plaza for sleep. Fingers crossed Flybe will have us home tomorrow.  £1,500 more spent and we’d be hone now.

And Oldham Athletic lost. Again.  Discovered via wifi 39,000 feet above the Amazon rainforest.  Is that a first?

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