Chris has been excellent on this trip, taking on the heavy lifting of both 20kg suitcases as we’ve wandered around this extraordinarily long country.

When Tosser and the Reclining Seat hit, it gave him an unexpected stiff back too.  A reminder that when I’m in Australia in November I’m very much on my own with a heavy bag and a body that isn’t always willing.

For the first time, I’ve asked Flybe for special assistance ahead of the final Milan to Manchester flight.  I don’t like asking for help.  Equally, I have to accept that my pace these days is impaired and, from time to time, my ability to move can go from adequate to poor. At the moment my right shoulder has an unexpected strain in it.  An unexpected side effect being that I was unable to turn over in bed last night.

I don’t quite know what to expect from Special Assistance.  This is a test run.  Or test walk to be more accurate.  A bit of queue jumping at bag drop?  Will they escort me to the lounge?  Will they collect me from lounge and get me through the controversial Schengen passport checks ahead of others who are queuing for hours by all accounts?

And if, as sometimes happens, my mobility hits a good standard do I have to pretend to be limping?

I almost feel like a fraud.  But I’m not exactly in perfect physical health.  And this might be how I negotiate five Australian airports solo assuming they have similar things down under.

Trying to Spend the Remaining Cash