A few days ago I was wallowing around the bath tub tring to get out.  It was an uncomfortable experience and I’m pleased to say most of the aches and strains appear to have gone.

The one constant discomfort that remains, or rather returns when other pains disappear, is the right buttock.  Imagine a horse kicking you bloody hard there and then waiting a couple of days for the impact to drop back a little on the pain scale.

Thats where this sole problem is.  Sore, but not intense.  Irritating but not agonising.  Like a bruising but no outward signs of damage.

In a month the area should receive a CT scan.  That might highlight what the injury is.  Why I have ongoing weakness there.  Why, every now and again, the pain moves around the pelvic area causing different sensations.

The assumption has to be damage caused by the cancer.  The fear has to be there’s still a sizeable tumour wandering around in there.  It’s not impossible that perhaps my back surgery has degraded slightly causing a slight shift in my shape.  Maybe I’ve just spent the last year overcompensating for difficulties caused by the series of aches that my body has endured.

Perhaps simply resting my butt for thirteen hours on a plane in the early hours of Thursday morning is exactly what I need!

Santiago Chile – Snowfall!