The cheapest business class flights to Santiago, when I booked in January, involved starting the journey in Italy.  Hence tomorrow’s flight to Milan prior to a Thursday morning landing in Santiago.  Cheap means a £1,500 saving in exchange for time in Milan.  It also means a Flybe flight to get to Italy.

At the time of booking Flybe had a 20kg hold luggage allowance compared to 23kg/46kg for the numerous other flights on this trip.  In other words, keep under 20kg has been my instruction to Chris.

Today I come to do the online check in for Flybe.  Problem one was a need for passport info.  Solved.  Problem two was my outbound luggage allowance showing hand baggage only.

A panicked check of the original booking showed their error, not mine.  I played about with the illogical check in software and eventually uncovered a message telling me Flybe now accept 23kg as standard.

Now while this is a welcome improvement I feel more than a bit peeved that they hadn’t bothered mentioning this until the last minute.

Next problem is my luggage allowance.  The pop up screen gives us both 23kg.  The underlying screen remains steadfast in nil for me and 20kg for Chris.  Hopefully just a crap IT implementation and I don’t have to have a “discussion” at bag drop tomorrow morning.

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