The weather has been kind to me on most of my trips.  And, as I descend into Santiago on Thursday morning local time, the winter weather is forecast to reach 20 Celsius on a sunny day.

Reports yesterday have highlighted power cuts and injuries caused by a rare phenomena in the South American capital.  Snow.

Pictures of cars skidding, children throwing snowballs and chaos usually associated with an inch of the white stuff on london’s toads being played out in the South American capital.

The BBC claims it’s the first snow there since the 1970s.  Pictures elsewhere dated 2011 seem to contradict this.  But it all supports my decision to expect tee shirt and jeans weather but have jumper, fleece, hat and gloves on standby.

It’s also a reminder of the bizarre extremes of climate in Chile.  Santiago is just 30 miles from the Andes.  Huge snow covered mountains that rarely share that snow with the capital.  Dry desert to the north, which will hopefully be a highlight.  Frozen tundra to the south, which we’re avoiding.  And who knows, there might even be grass skirt wearing when we reach Easter Island!

Fair to say, this isn’t going to be a few weeks on a sun bed rubbing in the factor 30.

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