Thirteen hours in the air from Madrid to Santiago. That will be my record and some, before November brings up Doha to Sydney at 14 hours and five minutes. December will deliver a ten minute longer flight from Melbourne back to Doha.

It’s a lot of time to spend in the air. And while I won’t be having a bath in the skies my aches, pains and twinges have become more apparent after my tub experience the other night.

So the painkiller accrual is in place and in my hand luggage. The idea of drink myself stupid on business class spirits remains an option. And once landed I’ve now got enough painkillers for three and a half weeks of constant use, rather than the 25% risk based supply I’d originally set aside.

In other words, if I’m in pain I can deal with it. And the comfort of a business class seat will hopefully enable a decent rest and minimise my moans and groans causing disruption to the four dozen big fare payers on the A340 aircraft.

What is probably the least advised trip of my travels is looking well set for success. I just need to master my Latin American phrase book next!

It Was a Treat