Yesterday I noticed a chipped windscreen on our trust Nissan Sentra hire car.

The unremarkable vehicle has been a workhorse.  1,600 miles in 14 days is unspectacular by my normal driving holiday standards, deliberate given my health, but the slow accelerating swine has somehow got a small chip in the windscreen.

This raises questions of safety, time, morality and insurance.

The final drive back to Boston Airport is only about 50 miles.  There is a risk of the windscreen crashing in during this drive.  A low risk, but real enough.

Time, because if I do report it Avis will send a man out without hurrying to fix it.  I’d quite like to do stuff today.

Morilty, because while I should report it, I’m inclined not to and hope they don’t spot it.  After all, it looks like a dead insect and I might get away with it.

And insurance, because if they do become aware I’m going to have to bother American Express again asking them to reimburse.  For the second time in three months.

Decisions, decisions …

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