A slow queue to drop our bags off, despite the designated “First” signs.  A slow queue through security despite the designated “Priority” signs.  This is what you get when you turn up a few hours early for your flight.

Eventually we made our way to the brand new British Airways lounge in Boston’s Logan Airport.  Suddenly the service became very personal.  Names used.  Explanations of the exclusive First Class dining section, enabling us to look out across the marauding riff raff of mere business class customers.  We chose the preferable alternative views of sun, Tarmac and planes from Qatar, Japan the UAE and the delivery firm UPS.

Drinks were offered.  Chris ended his law imposed USA prohibition with a Pinot something or other.  I went for the Grand Siecle champagne which retails at £110 a bottle in the UK.  The offers of top ups were regular and welcome.

A limited menu with lots of long words.  Three exceptionally tasty courses selected which, stripping out the posh words, were scotch egg, steak and coconut cheesecake.  The presentation impressive.  Less successful was getting a proper British cup of tea.  Although served in crockery to the table I got the distinct impression it had come from business class DIY machines.  Milk had to be requested.

After a fair old time enjoying the service, we retired to a private area with comfortable chairs, charging points and Chris brought over some M&Ms.  He then went for a shower but returned immediately as the unit was already occupied.  I then realised I’d forgotten to take my cancer drug.  Dangerous game.  Side effects on a plane won’t be welcome.  Still, better to take than not to take …

A walk around the rest of the lounge revealed pleasant calm, comfort, a fairly extensive buffet for mere business class travellers (and Silver card holders) along with an inferior champagne (based on retail price).

An earlier plane than ours allowed customers to board directly from the lounge.  Alas, our 777 isn’t a clever enough shape to do that and later in the evening we will have to queue with the proles.  Or more likely ahead of them.  As that’s how this works.

We have time to kill.  We’re comfortable and the lounge isn’t crowded.  Compared to the Escape and Aspire type lounges my Priority Card gets me into, this is rather classy.

Despite having got here first class a fortnight ago, I am still exceptionally excited about the flight to come.  Even if I will sleep through most of it!

The Chipped Windscreen