Killington to Manchester Village has been today’s drive.  Relatively short.  As I lay in bed this morning I pondered a 138 mile round trip to the Ben and Jerrys factory.  I didn’t fancy it, despite Chris licking his lips at the thought.  We eventually decided to drive up Mount Equinox.  A trip subsequently cancelled when we opened the curtains to see weather that typical of Manchester, UK.  It was hurling it down!

Breakfast, where the bargain hotel let us down terribly with the limited choice destroyed by stale toasting bread.  We returned to our room and I paid a visit.  On the way I looked in the mirror and felt semi-elated to see the return of my spots.  A similar elation as I sat down and stared at the door.  My standard afatinib side effects had returned.

Elated, because I realised that the pelvic pain on the right side of my back had diminished.  For the second time I’ve gone through a process of side effects disappearing, pain returning, pain fading a little, side effects returning.

I can only assume the pain is a tumour growing and the reducing pain is that tumour receding as the medina works.  It’s a guess.  The pain and the side effects are real enough.  The cause, well what else could it be?

We found a Walmart and topped up breakfast with a beef and cheese sandwich.  We found a Dunkin Donuts and spent silly money on a coffee in a cardboard cup.  We parked up and Chris stole the donut shop’s wifi for a bit.  Living the American Dream!

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