Meeting up with friends the other evening a few seconds were allocated to a tourist leaflet with a heading “The covered bridges of New Hampshire”.

I get zoos, river trips, cable car rides, walks and trails, waterfalls, whale spotting and the like.  But bridges with a roof on?  Bizarre!

Oddly enough the next day we saw one.  A bridge crossing a river with walls and a roof.  It was a scene like something from The Three Billy Goats Gruff.  Stream tumbling downhill.  Green meadows around.  And this bridge.

The owner had turned it into a shop.  As we sped past we didn’t quite see what was being sold there.  But it was quite clearly some sort of one man market stall.

We exchanged perplexed looks.  Why a roof?  Why a shop?  Why exist at all!  Now in Vermont we’ve seen another of these things.  Neither of them have been particularly pleasing on the eye.  Number two doesn’t appear to have opted for the mini mart approach and simply gets you across the river it spans.  No obvious signs of trolls or the like.

A quick google (other search engines are available) revealed tours of multiple covered bridges.  People ticking them off lists like I’m ticking off countries on a map.

Plane spotting and train spotting were always baffling hobbies that I never got into.  Covered bridge crossing will probably go the same way.  Then again, I always swore I’d never go on Facebook …

Vermont, Quechee Gorge and a £16.75 Hotel