I’m feeling smug tonight.  The drive into Vermont was great.  The drive through Vermont has been beautiful.  It’s a three way tie for first place with Maine and New Hampshire.  Massachusetts is very much bottom of the list.

We stopped off at Quechee Gorge.  While pleasant in its own skin as a beauty spot it’s lovely without being outstanding.  A short walk.  More use for the walking stick coming back up the hill.  Chris excited by the free wifi in the car park!

After an enjoyable stop we headed onto our hotel for the night.  I couldn’t remember what I’d booked.  Just the address.  As we arrived something relatively impressive opened up in front of us.  A two floor ski lodge with a large welcome area, pool and hot tub and a very large bedroom.

Breakfast included too.  Fruit and hot drinks in reception.  Balcony too.

I commented to Chris that I didn’t recall the price and I was worried I’d paid a fortune in a moment of madness.  As soon as we had wifi sorted I checked the confirmation email.  Amazingly this was a “free room” I’d booked using the hotels.com loyalty scheme.  Taxes totalled £16.75.

Rather chuffed with a bargain.  Especially after the expense of the first three nights on this trip!

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