Today sees a drive into Vermont.  State four of this six state extravaganza!  Home to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

I did toy with the idea of visiting the factory.  But concluded that it was a little too far out of the way, would cost a silly amount and despite the free sample at the end wouldn’t give value for money.

Notwithstanding in my world factory v nature is an easy win for the latter.  As yesterday’s walk to the waterfalls proved.

Trees, chipmunks and streams pre-empted the main attraction.  A rocky, twiggy uphill path the challenge.  And we failed.  A “1.2 miles” sign was misleading.  We headed in the right direction, me using a much needed walking stick.  We stopped regularly to lighten our water bottles.  But we pressed on with the heat reaching us through the tall trees of our trail.

90 minutes later I sent Chris on ahead to see what was around the next corner.  More nature.  No waterfalls.  We gave up.  Not a hope in hell that 1.2 mile sign was accurate.

We descended happy.  But we’re disappointed to miss out on the main attraction.  Which, it turned out, was just a few hundred yards further on.

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