Well we found our hotel.  The magical Hilton Digital Key didn’t work as I couldn’t get online.  And the free wifi demanded a room number for the password.  And I didn’t know the room number because I couldn’t get online.  So we got a key from reception!

Five hours sleep topping up some plane slumber and I’m wide at a time close to my UK waking up schedule.  It’s possible that jet lag may be minimised, although today is a walk around a city day.  These tire me a little so I’m expecting to be zonked out early tonight.

Today’s plan?  Collect car.  That’s 12 minutes walk away.  Find a park and ride.  Transport into Boston.  Walk around some of the touristy places.  See the Boston Legal building (fabulous lawyer comedy).  Perhaps get out to Fenway Park and mock the sport of baseball.  And then out of town to Danvers for two nights as the witch hunt starts.

As a plan, it’s ill researched.  But I’ve more than a feeling that might well prove to be part of the fun.

BA First Class – Yeah Baby!