We’ve progressed from a physical key to a keycard to the even more advanced keycard that still works even after being touched by a mobile phone through the years.

Hotel room entrance now has something even more exciting.

My hooker night in London a few weeks ago introduced me to a series of emails from Hilton about their digital key.  I ignored them.

With the New England trip close, the emails have started again.  One included “500 points if you download the app” so I immediately grabbed a benefit with a £2.50 value and started exploring said app.

Part of that exploration included the Q&A on the irritating digital key spam I’d received previously.  And, like an elderly lady who’d used a building society book all her life suddenly clicking how an ATM works, it all fell into place.

Hilton send me a series of “upgrade for a small fee” emails.  They then send me, as a gold status holder, an “upgrade for free email”.  This is followed by a “check in now” email on arrival day.

That last email allocates a room and you can then utilise your app as you approach the room to click the phone screen and unlock the door.  It sounds like genius.  I can’t wait to try it when I arrive in Boston, jet lagged and champagne infused.  I am genuinely excited to be opening a door!

This isn’t such good news for wannabe Hilton receptionists.  It might explain the hooker outside the Hilton Park Lane.  Clearly made redundant by the chain she’s gone self-employed in the hotel services industry providing useful options for guests.

It’s not perfect.  Only one digital key per room at the moment.  But I can’t wait to try it.

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