Massholes. A name given to residents of Massachusetts. In my case, I think it applies to the numerous drivers in Boston who sound their horn in frustration at you taking more than 0.2 seconds to respond to a traffic light turning green.

It’s been a fun day. A free Hilton Gold breakfast followed by a 15 minute walk with our hefty suitcases to collect the hire car. As we neared the airport structures I spotted a bus with “Car Hire Center” emblazoned across the front. Assertively I barked at Chris to get on quickly.

Some twenty minutes to bus returned to exactly the same spot and we got off. We were already at the car hire centre when I insisted on getting on the damn thing. The bus driver hadn’t updated his next stop in the front! Doh!

A rare queue at the Avis Preferred desk and we ended up with a decent sized Nissan something or other. Bags loaded and off to Boston. I’m not a fan of driving in cities. While Boston itself isn’t that bad, parking there is a shocker.

$42 for all day parking. $12 for an hour. Or $12 for 20 minutes of driving round failing to find a parking space before exiting and paying. Exploiting Massholes!

We eventually pound two hours street parking for another $8 and took a look around. We got sites of some impressive post-colonial low rise buildings somehow delightfully mixing with modern taller buildings as well as churches and a great looking synagogue. Eventually we moved on to the harbour area and handed over another obscene amount to park. A cloudy start to the day had now become glorious sunshine, cooled by a slight breeze.

In the end we moved on. Driven by expiring car park time and a little jet lag. In the evening we met up with an online friend of mine (no, not like that!) and enjoyed a Thai with ice cream (no, not like that!). It’s amazing how a journey through life can make so many new and unexpected acquaintances that can provide such good company. Perhaps conversation around the cultural difference of the good old USA and the Brits was predictable. So alike and yet so different!

It seems we’ve missed everything great in Boston. A side effect of poor planning perhaps. But there might be the chance to go back in two weeks before we fly off.