British Airways let you check in 24 hours before departure.  A bit old fashioned, but I now know a little bit more around what to expect with tomorrow’s flights.

Manchester to Heathrow.  Noon flight.  Eight rows of full business class seats.  No option to switch to row one for a quick step on and step off moment, but row five should enable a pretty smooth access and exit without too much waiting around for other people to organise themselves.

Heathrow to Boston.  Evening flight.  Two seats already booked in prime position right at the front of the 777.  A quick check of the cabin planner shows six unselected seats out of the sixteen in first class.  I’m guessing these are unsold as BA allow free selection of first class seats at the time of booking.  Then I’m wondering why I care!

Breakfast will be in the Manchester BA lounge, if we get through security quickly enough.  I’m sure a couple of bags of crisps and a couple of cans of Pepsi Max will accidentally fall into my hand baggage.  Perhaps a shot or two of Gentleman Jack from the DIY bar.

British Aiways, legend has it, paid Heathrow Airport £1m to put a second entrance door into their Concorde Lounge.  A price charged because of the potential lost revenue from concourse shopping of high value customers not having to walk further through the terminal.

The Concorde Lounge will provide us with a three course lunch.  Steak is on the menu.  We’ll need to top up the quick salad meal they’ve served us on the plane.  Then the big decisions begin.  What champagne to choose?  Laurent-Perrier Grand Siècle is my current thinking but it might be sporting to taste test against the Duval Leroy.

4pm is massage time.  Perhaps I’ll be feeling Tamrara’s warm and gentle hands work away on my knotted shoulders.  Or will I end up with Big Geoff’s knuckles hammering away at me?

Chris has decided to travel in a blazer to maximise the first class experience.  I’ve not told him yet that if he takes a shower in the lounge then they’ll press his clothes for him!  Perhaps he’ll not bother and just continue the champagne taste test!

There will come a point when we find out which gate our main flight is departing from.  Transatlantic flights tend to use Terminal 5A, 5B and 5C.  The middle 5B option is preferred.  They have another lounge there!  Although that will involve mingling with mere business class riff raff.

Then onto the plane.  Champagne.  Food.  A turn down service for my bed.  My own pair of BA pyjamas.  It’s almost a shame the flying tine is under seven hours!

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