Number one on the bucket list.  The Ashes down under.  The Credit Crunch and the decimation of the HBOS share price denied me the opportunity in the past.  Cancer isn’t going to.  Whatever my pain levels or medical needs I am going.

I’ve booked my Qatar business class seats out of Finland.  Half the price of departing from Manchester.  The best business class seat in the sky, some experts say.  Made all the accommodation arrangements.  And then a bolt from the blue this morning.

Qatar is being isolated by its neighbours in an issue that seems to be linked to dodgy tweets, fake news and the supporting of terror groups including Isis.  This Daily Telegraph report is one of many that explain the story.

How this may or may not affect me at the end of the year is unclear.  Will the airline which is effectively state owned be stopped from flying to or from the EU?  Does the stop over in Qatar mean my passport might get stamped with something that other nations object to leading them to refuse me entry on future trips?  How would insurers view an insurance claim if I lose my flights?

The impact might be lower.  But on the return leg I was planning to spend half a day in Doha, the country’s capital.  That might not now be such a good idea.  Who knows?

For now it’s a waiting game.  If the worst comes to the worst there are other airlines and I can write off the money already paid.  As a six year old my trip to Portugal was cancelled due to a revolution.  My grandparents made other plans and we ended up in Spain.

There are always other options.  As FIFA should know, with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to look forward to.

The Bandaged Big Toe