Land drunk.  Sleep.  Hire car.  Drive around New England for two weeks.  Come home.

It’s a brilliant plan.  Not a lot of meat on the bones, but that suits.  Relatively short driving distances too.  A place that I know little about to be honest.

Boston itself has a history of knowing how to upset the Brits.  I mean what could be more insulting to an Englishman than chucking good quality tea in the harbour?  Other than serving it without milk …

Then there’s the witches.  Salem.  Let’s all get high on rye bread and burn each other for witchcraft!  I’ll find out more about that.

And the Pilgrim Fathers.  Some religious dudes who hopped over the pond in a boat once.  1485 was it?  My history needs refreshing.

There might be some whitewater rafting after last year’s fun on the Colorado.  Although it’s unbooked as I’m struggling to find a location where the dams will have been opened that day!

And two days on the beach at the end.  If we want to do the beach.

It’s an open book at the moment,  And I’m going to enjoy it!

Checked in, Packed and Ready