I’ve never been to the Netherlands.  I’ve seen England beat them 4-1 on the telly once.  My real life Dutch football experience was a mid-eighties 1-1 draw at Old Trafford between Manchester United and PSV Eindhoven.  And I laughed at Del Boy saying “Ajax” as he entered Holland’s canal system on Only Fools and Horses.

While trying to put together my Scotland north coast trip yesterday morning logistical snags, high time use, excessive air and rail fares and the restriction of hospital dates has meant I’ll defer that trip for another time.  In frustration my Manchester to Everywhere search on Skyscanner threw up Berlin and Eindhoven as sub-£40 return flights.

While Berlin interests me, I’ve been to Germany before.  So the Dutch got the vote with yet another Ryanair flight.  In reality the flights came in at £48.  Short, so I’ll risk the legroom and not pay for extra seating.  €2.20 from airport to town.  €70 a night for a central hotel with a 4.3 rating on Tripadviser.  And less than €20 for the eighty minute journey to Amsterdam.  I think that trip is a dead cert.

What is there to do in Eindhoven?  I’ve no idea!

Have I Got Yet Another Disease?