With thirty days left as an employee another step in the winding down of my thirty year career has been completed.  The company car went back today.

The good news is that this will save me about £140 in tax this month and I should get a £340 car allowance in my final salary.  The bad new is that the chances of that £340 being processed in this month’s payroll are about as likely as a Labour general election victory.

The tax won’t resolve itself for months either!

It’s also bad news for Chris.  He can’t drive the BMW that’s replaced it as the insurers consider drivers his age to be incapable of handling such a vehicle.  The Insigna gave him just a couple of months of driving pleasure that is now over.

As a car I quite liked it.  Reliable.  Workmanlike.  Cheap to run.  And priced at a sweet spot in the company car scheme that meant I got paid for having it, whereas a similar Mondeo would have demanded a substantial deduction from my pay.

I’m a little sad to see it go.  But the Beamer’s more fun even if I can’t work out how to tune in Radio Five Live Extra and can’t get Chris to chauffeur me.