Unclean!  Unclean!  When I visited the eye clinic recently, thanks to a sore eye driven by my Bell’s palsy, the nice doctor chap did a hearing test and it became evident that I’ve lost most of the hearing in my right ear.

He put it down to “nerve inflammation” linked to the palsy, googled something that I couldn’t read and referred me for a non-urgent head scan.

Alas, this not working malarkey gives you time to Google things about your health.  Indeed, I think it’s highly likely that one of thirty eight other conditions will finish me off before the nasty cancer manages it.

And one of these searches unearthed a condition I’ve never heard of.  Labyrinthitis.  It sounds like a bad Hollywood movie title.  And like the Bell’s palsy it’s a FOIWGAOIO condition.  No drugs to fix it or improve it.  A month and it should be gone.  Meanwhile I’ll carry on walking around with my Halloween mask facial expression and have proper reasons for ignoring every word said to me.

FOIWGAOIO.  Go on, you can work it out.

I Might Drive 500 Miles …