There’s a time slot that opens up before the May school holidays where I’m tempted to head up to Scotland.

The “North Coast 500” is a relatively new marketing concept claiming to be “Scotland’s Route 66” and doubtless plays on the Proclaimers wearing out their shoe leather.

But marketing or not there is little doubt that these islands have some stunning scenery that’s well worth seeing and the top bit of Scotland is no exception.

I have previously got as far as the north coast of Loch Ness.  This trip, if it happens, will cover the bit above that.

My main concern is the drive north.  It’s a bloody long way before you get there!  I might fly and hire.  Or I might break the journey with a stop each way.  It’s unlikely I’ll do the full five hundred although now the football season is over I have the option of tapping into the weekends.  A series of medical appointments are the main time stealers before we head off to Boston in June.

So this one’s not in the bag yet.  I’ve got Northern Ireland next week which includes a little bit of their north coast.  But I feel a Scottish schedule coming my way soon.

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