I like cheap.  Manchester to London trains are cheap if you buy at the right time and specify a specific service that you want to travel on several weeks in the future.

And I’m yet to miss a train and end up paying full fare on the day, although it could always happen.

Today I regretted this.  The Oldham match finished around 2pm.  I’d built in sorrow drowning time just in case a relegation that once seemed likely occurred.  That possibility was avoided last week though.

This left the two of us tired on the outskirts of London with a three hour wait to our train and not being allowed to hop on an earlier one.  Time to eat?  Not hungry.  Time to drink?  I’m not exactly a heavy drinker and there’s a car to drive later.

So time to get bored in and around Euston station concourse.  Sitting on hard chairs or benches which, after a time, cause genuine pain to my back and coccyx.

Maybe next time I’ll just cough up the extra £40 or so and make life easier.  Some of that will save on drinks and food bought in the waiting period anyway.  It’s not always essential to grab a bargain.

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