June sees the excitement of what will be my only first class transatlantic flight. British Airways Manchester to Boston via Heathrow cashing in a huge number of Avios as you can’t take them with you when you’re gone.

Quite kindly, BA have already upgraded our Manchester to Heathrow flight from standard domestic class to their Club Europe product. This means that we get a table clipped into place in the middle seat to give our elbows more room while retaining squashed legs and also allows us to be fed a salad of some sort without having to pay for it.

I am making the assumption that we will be sat together, although they increased the cost of reserving seats from £28 to £64 for the two short flights when they upgraded us. So I’ve not booked those seats yet!

Anyway, I digress. I recently received an exciting looking email from BA explaining that as an upcoming first class passenger I will be among the first people to be able to use their new “First Wing”. Odd, as it will have been available for over two months before I travel.  But nevertheless, the email was toned in a way that suggested some new cutting edge aviation enhancement was coming my way.

Looking at the email there appeared to be lots of curvy graphics of stuff that I couldn’t really make head nor tail of. But it seems that this exciting travel innovation is some sort of fast track access taking premium passengers from airport departure hall to airport lounge in the shortest possible time. And I will be a premium passenger!

Indeed, it’s been launched today and is basically a posh security area and a corridor. Taking the valued passengers away from Heathrow’s riff raff and directly into the first class BA lounge. It looks nice but I admit to struggling to muster up excitement for such a thing, despite the high prominence that BA have given it. It is, after all, just a corridor.

There is of course another reason to taper my uncontrollable thrill at the prospect of using this. To do so, I’d have to do all the security stuff at Manchester, take the short hop down south, land at Heathrow, exit the building, walk to the south end of the rather large Terminal 5 building and re-present myself for security again. Before wandering down the shiny new curvy corridor.

Two lots of security in one morning?  I think I’ll just walk straight to the lounge without bothering.

The Joy of the Air Bridge