Within moments of getting through passport control and customs I grabbed wifi access and checked my email.  The hotel were in touch offering a lift from the airport for €35.  So I took the bus, paying €4.10.  No need for chit chat and some wonderful forests, mountains and countyside in view from my seat.

As the bus entered the city I admired some of the oldy world housing that remained amid more modern buildings.  And as the bus terminated I walked the twenty minutes to my hotel.  Modern and uninteresting gave way to the truly magnificent.  Nothing of particular size.  Just lots of lovely old buildings and bridges hugging the narrow river.  Numerous bars.  Cobbled streets.  Old bridges and a castle overlooking it all.

Genuinely beautiful man made stuff.  I trudged past a souvenir shop pricing up fridge magnets for the kids.  They’re getting one from everywhere I visit whether they want them or not.  €2 each make this the cheapest so far, equal with Bratisrlava.

And then I found my hotel.  Newly opened but within one of the ancient buildings of the old town.  A welcome spirit (Blueberry) made me smile.  And a small single room up two flights of rickety old stairways.  Not the easiest to manage.  The room is a joy.  A wide single bed.  Tea making facilities with no milk (!!).  Wifi.  Huge in wall wardrobe, perfect for my tiny hand luggage bag.  Power shower and a beautifully placed TV.

I went out in search of milk.  And ended up paying €8 for a 45 minute boat trip on the river.  No commentary.  But peace and tranquility as the old buildings gave way to stylish hew ones.

I’m loving this place.  It’s highly unlikely I’ll get four days out if it.  But tomorrow should be a walking tour.  And maybe up the funicular railway to see the castle.  Tonight’s entertainment?  Watch Scotland play football on local telly.  Slovenia are their opponents!  Up the Slovs!

Lounging Around at Luton Airport