One of the very real risks of the bone damage done by my lung cancer is that of spinal compression.

While I’m anticipating some discomfort and pain when my life finally begins to fade, this impact could be just about the worst scenario. It’s a risk I’m reminded of every time I stand up or remain seated for extended periods. Basically my body struggles to get up. Or down.  I suppose I’ve never exactly been down with the kids!

Two hours is a relatively short flight.  It took me a minute or so to lift myself out of the chair after yesterday’s efficient Wizz Air hop  Doubtless frustrating the young lady in the window seat next to me.  The last scan showed bone regrowth which is positive and essential to living a half decent life before the drug stops working.  Hopefully when the cancer does return it can finish me off in a somewhat less dramatic and less painful manner.

From what I understand the weakened spine can effectively collapse like a row of falling dominoes causing immediate damage to bowel or bladder. Two medics have forewarned me of the possibility advising a 999 call if it happens as immediate surgery would be needed.  Less dramatic but doubtless painful crumbling is also possible and is what has already cost me a tiny bit of height.

I’m already three quarters of an inch shorter than I was. Further shrinkage won’t be appreciated. Hopefully that vertebroplasty surgery last October will prevent this particular side effect!

Slovenia and Ljubljana Are Fabulous.