Hotel prices in and around Northampton last night were shockingly high.  Some chains were nudging the £200 mark and even the most basic mainstream accommodation was £90+.  Pent up demand from 197 Oldham Athletic fans at last night’s game?  I think not.

I had £63 of “free room” credit that wasn’t enough to buy me a decent space in any of the major players.  So I delved the secondary players on the site and was reminded I should do this more often.

I ended up in a village called Crick.  22 minutes drive from the Sixfields stadium, the primary purpose of my visit.  Staying in a B&B room above a pub.  Although it feels slightly odd checking in at the bar, being handed the key to the room and also the front door to the pub quite amused me.  It’s a shame I need to avoid alcohol around drug taking time!

My room has everything a hotel room needs.  Bed.  Tv.  Tea and coffee facilities (and the obligatory insufficient amount of milk).  Large bathroom.  And most importantly, one of the comfiest beds I’ve ever slept in.  I’m yet to have it, but I’m confident my cooked breakfast included in the price will be great.  I’ll be eating that in front of an open fire!

I’ve ended up paying £12 for this place on top of “free night” credit.  While there was a little bar noise until 11.30pm it’s been worth every penny.  If I’d found a £39 room with a chain as I did in Swindon recently I’d have paid that.  But I think I’ll spend a little more effort seeking out this kind of place in future.

The football?  A terrific 2-1 away win with an injury time winner.  Perfect.

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