I’ve seen a lot of daytime TV recently, including this morning’s episode of Jeremy Kyle.  I didn’t actually see Holly’s show with Oldham born Philip, but there’s nothing wrong with finding an excuse for a gratuitous picture of Holly.

Anyway, off to Calderdale Hospital for a key CT scan to view how my cancer is hopefully regressing.  Get me past the Ashes before any nasty news please.

A nightmare to park at the hospital so I stuck the car on the seat with blue badge strategically placed to irritate any traffic wardens.  In to the building through a side door where I tried to use the germ killing hand wash.  Empty.  Repeated a further two times.  Wait for a case of galloping gangrene flying through that hospital!

An urgent visit to the gents.  I’d downed gallons of water to aid with the scan.  While washing my hands a gentleman exited one of the cubicles, walked straight past the sinks and into the corridor.  Yes, a building full of people with knackered immune systems and this chap can’t get bothered with a bit of soap and water.

Finding signs for “CT” was impossible.  In the end I headed to X-ray and asked there.  Good guess.  Same area of the hospital.  Despite being early they had a canular plugged into my arm pretty rapidly and within fifteen minutes I was lying on the scanner being asked to lower my trousers as the nurse placed a large tissue over my pelvic area.  In for a couple of scans.  Blue dye into the canular.  In and out of the scanner a couple more times.

When the nurse removed the canular blood squirted out of my arm at an alarming rate before she successfully stopped the flow.  Job done.  Off for lunch and then the two hour drive to Northampton.  Or, to be precise, Crick where I’ve booked a bed and breakfast for £12 with the help of a “free” room from hotels.com.

I checked in easily, headed up to my fabulous room and had a bath, utilising my prescribed emollient.  One of the side effects of my afatinib treatment is a rash that shows in the shape of my lungs and sternum, as well as my hips.  I assume this is where most of the cancer zapping takes place.

One thing I have noticed is that I’ve found getting out of the bath a little more complicated of late.  If there aren’t handles it’s become quite awkward.  I’m not sure if this is a sign of age, a weakness caused by the cancer or just fear of pain on my part after being in agony a few months back.  It’s a little worrying.

Tomorrow might see me cancel my plans to see the Yorksire Sculpture Park to do the National Space Museum instead.  Both are options.  Meanwhile I’m going to rest before heading to the big match.