I don’t consider myself to be a particularLy meticulous person, but self observation suggests I might need to rethink that perception.

On arrival, I took the essential stuff out of my bag.  Toothbrush, toothpaste and deoderant ended up in the bathroom.  My change of socks and undies were placed on the spare bed next to me.  Wallet, passport, EHIC card and medication sit happily next to the bed.

In the far corner of the bedroom sits my bag and most importantly my phone and iPad charger plugged into the wall.  I’ve not utilised drawers or wardrobes because it would be too easy to forget things left in them.

I started packing the day I landed.  I didn’t realise this at the time.  Within my hand luggage I have a series of supermarket bags for life.  One with clothes.  One with electricals.  One with crisps and chocolate (insurance against a late arrival and nowhere being open).  One empty.  Oh, and the clear liquids bag with tiny toothpaste and deoderant.

My clothes bag within a bag kept scarf and gloves in it throughout the trip.  The weather forecast was mild so I didn’t remove them.  But the once empty bag was filled with used clothes every day.

When I leave later this morning I’ll have added my PJs to it and it’s job done.  As soon as I’ve brushed my remaining pegs and sprayed deoderant the bathroom stuff will be in the clear bag and ready to whip out at airport security.  The medication next to my bag consists of cancer drug, tiny scissors and surgical tape to keep my Bell’s palsy eyelid pinned down at night.  As soon as I get up the scissors and tape get bagged.  The afatinib cancer drug lives in my pocket with my passport.  If anything dramatic happens such as hospitalisation or arrest those stay with me!

The final things to go into my bag will be iPad and charger.  Because I want to squeeze every drop of charge into my devices just in case I have 12 hours to kill in a departure lounge somewhere!  After all, my phone died on Wednesday causing me unexpected chaos!

Am I OCD?  Slightly mad?  Or just organised?

I bet I forget the slippers!

Bratislava Over and Out. Next Stop Iceland.