I’m tired.  A lot of walking over the last few days, even with me letting the tram take the strain.

But I’ve enjoyed it.

To celebrate my stay in Slovakia I thought I’d grab a bite to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant near my apartment.  I eyed up the menu and decided number 20 was what I wanted.  I wandered up to the counter, held up my Bell’s palsy affected lip and confidently said to the oriental chap “number 20” while the other hand waved generally in the direction of the giant menu on the wall above.  In perfect English he replied “do you want your chicken with noodles or rice?” – my awful knowledge of languages had me in great fear of ordering Vietnamese food in the Slovakian capital in English.

History continues to tell me I struggle most ordering food in the USA though.  The Yanks don’t have a clue what I’m saying!  In Europe, the locals usually get me over the line pretty well.

In the morning the apartment owner will take me to the airport.  I’ve actually worked out which trams would do it for less than €1, but I’ve already committed to the comfort of the car.  The light bag is just about packed.

Now I just have to hope Doris doesn’t interfere with my flight.

Link to my final morning in Bratislava