I saw a lot of Bratislava on Tuesday.  In fairness, while it’s a decent place to look around its not the biggest city in the world.  But after yesterday’s trip to Vienna I still had a day to kill.  And I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do.

The easiest solution was to walk in a direction I hadn’t walked in before.  And I found myself crossing the Danube on foot.  Over a bridge that is.  I’ve other priorities to address before I progress to walking on water!  Great view upstream taking in the castle.

The south side has some pretty woodland which I wandered into for a few minutes, before deciding to go to the main station to see if there was somewhere else I fancied going.  Budapest had been pencilled in, but the return times were a little awkward, involved a connection and I was feeling a little bit nervous after the previous day’s error returning from Vienna.

Looking up at the departures board I was a little amazed by some of the destinations.  Hamburg, Vienna, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest and more.  I googled some of the Slovak options but just didn’t fancy any of them.  I walked back into the old city, grabbed some street food and watched the world go by.  I compared the place to Prague which I’d visited in 2012.  Smaller.  A little less blighted by communism.  Possibly more westernised despite being further east.  Similarities with an impressive river, castle and cheap beer.

As my time here draws to a close, it’s fair to say I like Bratislava.  Two days in the city is probably enough to say you’ve done it.  But the rail links could make it a good place to stay in overnight longer while exploring surrounding countries.  A real benefit if the flights are cheap.

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